Bilfinger Westcon’s QA/QC program is a compilation of construction industry standards and practices for heavy industrial process applications. These standards are applicable to the construction of petrochemical, chemical, oil/gas, power and related industrial process markets. Bilfinger Westcon’s QA/QC program uses a full spectrum of inspection requirements, documentation and other relevant procedures for ensuring that total project quality is achieved for every project.

The Quality Control Procedures are designed to be easily adapted to the requirements of varying project needs. However, should a project require supplemental or a special quality control procedure, the Bilfinger Westcon Corporate Quality Director shall be advised and utilized for assistance in preparing procedures.

In implementing the Quality Control Manual, specific project personnel shall have the responsibility to perform the identified quality control functions. These personnel are accountable to assure that the intent of the quality program is achieved. They shall assure that potential problem areas are promptly addressed and resolved and for obtaining technical assistance from the corporate and project staff as required. For this purpose, direct communication between the specified project quality control personnel and the corporate QA/QC staff is required. Concurrently, the project management personnel shall be advised of the issues and provided with recommendations for proposed corrective actions.

The routine and continuous achievement of applicable standards of quality is essential for the success of Bilfinger Westcon Inc. The QA/QC program is in compliance with ISO 9000 & 9001.

Project-Specific QA/QC Plan

  • Collaboration of Bilfinger Westcon’s program and the client’s specifically requested requirements, shall be tailored into one program prior to the mobilization of the project.
  • A plan comprised of Bilfinger Westcon’s QA/QC manual along with a selection of applicable standards for the industry and the specific project scope of work
  • Plans may be supplemented with any client-specific standards and/or documentation requirements.
  • Documented procedure for all aspects of inspection and testing requirements.
  • Ensure that all “legacy documentation” and project-turnover requirements are fully met.