Safety, Health & Environmental

Bilfinger Westcon’s culture for safety, health and the environment starts with a commitment to excellence from the president of the company and the entire corporate management team. The company recently achieved 11,000,000 Man-Hours without a lost time incident. The corporate management team leads by example and gets involved with new employees and their SH&E training and is involved in monthly project audits. It is the strong commitment to SH&E and the culture of the company that has made Bilfinger Westcon’s safety statistics and overall program the best-in-class.

As a leader in SH&E, Bilfinger Westcon has adopted a behavior-based safety program that has a proven track-record for improving the safety culture and safety performance for the company. The program is led by the corporate SH&E director, and all SH&E leaders in the field are trained on the implementation and oversight of the program.

Bilfinger Westcon believes that maintaining the highest level of excellence in SH&E requires a continuous improvement philosophy and plan. Therefore, the company strives to learn and train in all areas of industrial safety. Safety training starts with the corporate SH&E director. The corporate director stays up-to-date with training on new regulations from OSHA and MSHA, attends safety-related conferences and expositions, reviews and selects new and advanced industrial products for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and networks with other SH&E leaders in the industry.

A major role and responsibility for the corporate SH&E director is to provide company-wide training on all new industry standard or practice, and to ensure that the changes are properly implemented in the field and audited frequently.

Project Specific Safety, Health & Environmental Plan:

Bilfinger Westcon provides a project-specific SH&E plan for all major projects. This plan is based on Bilfinger Westcon’s comprehensive SH&E manual, and is augmented with any specific requirements from the client. It also includes site specific requirements for safety training, site specific emergency response, project specific hazards, awareness training, job safety task analysis, a project and site-specific environmental plan, project audit plan and a safety meeting schedule for daily, weekly, and monthly training.

Safety, Health, & Environmental Professionals:

Bilfinger Westcon employs a staff of trained SH&E professionals with a wide array of specific industrial experience in oil/gas, chemicals, refining, mining, power, and all other major U.S. markets. Each SH&E leader is trained on Bilfinger Westcon’s SH&E manual and the policies of the company. Training records and certifications are maintained for each SH&E professional, including OSHA (10-hour), OSHA (30-hour), DOT training, first aid, NIOSH, MSHA, and similar industry-specific training.

Bilfinger Westcon’s Recent Safety Statistics

  • 2010: EMR 0.82; TRIR 0.93; DART 0.47
  • 2011: EMR 0.81; TRIR 0.67; DART 0.00
  • 2012: EMR 0.87; TRIR 0.66; DART 0.38
  • 2013: EMR 0.83; TRIR 0.93; DART 0.33
  • 2014: EMR 0.89; TRIR 0.71; DART 0.06
  • 2015: EMR 0.89; TRIR 0.29; DART 0.07
  • 2016: EMR 0.82; TRIR 0.30; DART 0.06
  • 2017: EMR 0.86; TRIR 0.28; DART 0.16