Mark C. Peterson, Founder, started Westcon in Bismarck, N.D. in 1981 as a regional open-shop industrial contractor. In 1985, the company completed projects in multiple oil and gas, and refining facilities. Westcon has worked in coal fired power plants and has built a reputation for managing turnarounds and capital projects for the power industry.

In the 1990’s Westcon had begun to expand its organization and opened regional offices around the United States. Regional offices are located in Piqua, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; and Deer Park, Texas. Westcon has gained recognition as a general contractor while supporting many industrial markets including Oil/Gas, Refining, Ag/Food, Bulk Pharmaceuticals, Power and various manufacturing processes. Westcon gained recognition as a general contractor supporting many industrial markets including oil and gas, refining, agricultural/food processing, bulk pharmaceuticals, power, and various manufacturing processes.

During the ethanol boom, Westcon joined the emerging biofuels market and completed several green field facilities around the U.S. In 2012 Westcon joined Bilfinger to become Bilfinger Westcon Inc.

Today, Bilfinger Westcon is known as a value-added, direct-hire construction leader in the industrial markets throughout the continental U.S. Bilfinger Westcon continues to attract top tier talent. The company’s resources and experience expands into all industrial markets. Bilfinger Westcon continues to provide strong project leadership teams to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Because of its safety culture and the overall performance of the company, the future for Bilfinger Westcon includes growth and stability. The company holds best-in-class safety statistics. Our vision is to continue to grow and build on the repeat business model by earning the trust and confidence of our clients, one project at a time.

Mark C. Peterson, company Founder

Mark C. Peterson,