Welcome to the Bilfinger Westcon Craft Academy. We are a training school designed to help train the next generation of industrial craft workers. We also help in facilitating the advanced learning for our current work force. Why did we open a craft training school? Because the forecasts showing the shortage of craft workers over the next 5 to 10 years is staggering. Check out the link below to see how many craft workers are needed in your state.

Come start your new career with Bilfinger Westcon Craft Academy. Bilfinger Westcon Craft Academy is dedicated to giving you the experience and credentials you need to start your new career in pipefitting, ironworking and rigging. Let Bilfinger Westcon Craft Academy be your training facility to advance your career and give you a path to success. Not a novice or beginner? No problem, Bilfinger Westcon Craft Academy has classes to advance even the most experienced craft workers in the industry.

If you would like information on our classes and schedule, please fill out the form to the right. The schedule link at the top of this page shows our upcoming classes, times and dates. Come start your career today. Don’t wait!

Honesty, integrity, character, knowledge and experience are the core values delivered by Bilfinger Westcon Craft Academy

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