Pipefitter Level 1

The Pipefitter Level 1 Training Program prepares individuals for a career in the pipefitting trade.  Students undergo preparation for the testing of the written and practical aspects of the National Commission for the Certification of Pipefitters examination followed by the test.  The program fully endorses the national certification training offered through NCCER.

Students learn about career opportunities in the field.  The course also covers personal requirements for the trade.  Students learn the basic principles of the various types of tools used in the trade.  They also master the terminology and nomenclatures of the trade.

Students also undergo oxyfuel cutting.  Students learn how to perform straight line cutting, piercing, beveling, washing and gouging.  Topics covered include safety requirements when cutting equipment, setting up lighting and using cutting equipment.

In addition, the training covers safety principles associated with the pipefitting trade.  Safety aspects are addressed along with job site hazards, communications and various safety issues.  Instructors explain hazards and safety procedures governing the use of stepladders, extension ladders, fixed scaffolds and rolling scaffolds.

Students learn about pipefitting hand tools.  This includes hand tool safety as well as procedures for selecting, inspecting and maintaining hand tools used by pipefitters.  Training will also provide guidelines for using electrical and pneumatic tools including pipe threading machines.