Oil & Gas

Bilfinger Westcon is a U.S. leader in the construction of oil and gas related projects. Technology advancements used in extracting oil and gas in shale formations throughout the U.S. helped to create a boom in the midstream oil and gas industry. During this time Bilfinger Westcon developed a project delivery strategy composed of strong project leaders, flexible contracting approaches, craft resources, and leaders in safety and quality that understand this market and its needs. Bilfinger Westcon developed tailored project reporting along with information technology (IT) tools that could be used on remotely located projects.

Bilfinger Westcon built an excellent reputation as a general contractor for many projects in this market segment because of the cost-effective solutions it provides to this industry.

Bilfinger Westcon successfully managed:

  • Extremely fast-tracked project schedules
  • Remote project locations
  • Limited housing availability
  • Resource availability of experienced workers
  • Client-provided process equipment delays and sequencing variations for the installation of equipment during construction
  • Partially engineered packages
  • Field-run piping
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental concerns
  • Cold weather construction

Experience and expertise in the midstream oil and gas market include:

  • Cryogenic gas plants
  • LNG/gas-to-liquids (liquefaction) facilities
  • Fractionation plants
  • Gas-compression stations
  • Flare gas collection projects
  • Oil and gas separation facilities
  • Crude oil upgrade facilities
  • Oil pumping stations
  • Compressor additions/replacements
  • Gas plant modifications

Bilfinger Westcon provides construction services for other gas processing projects including:

  • Hydrogen plants
  • Nitrogen plants
  • Ammonia plants
  • Oxygen plants
  • Acetylene plants
  • Methane plants
  • Air separation units
  • Miscellaneous specialized gas plants