Contract & Commercial Flexibility

Bilfinger Westcon’s approach to contracts and commercial offerings are simple—we offer complete flexibility with our clients. We fully understand the pressures and challenges of today’s industrial projects, and that the resulting contractual methods frequently require flexibility. Many of the project challenges that we encounter include the need to execute projects that are extremely fast-track and to maintain fixed completion and start-up dates. As a result, many times the need occurs for the construction contractor to become flexible in both the project-execution and the contractual/commercial details.

Bilfinger Westcon’s focus is to ensure that contracts and commercial offerings are flexible, but sound in their basis. The overall emphasis is to ensure that the project objectives are met and that the contractual and commercial approach matches the risk/reward balance.

Bilfinger Westcon’s Common Contractual Offerings

  • Lump-sum/fixed priced
  • Cost plus fixed fee
  • Cost plus variable fee
  • Time and material
  • Cost sharing/cost savings
  • Target price with or without penalties/incentives
  • Contracts with economic price adjustments
  • Reimbursable with conversion to lump-sum
  • Unit prices
  • Etc.